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These are the official rules of the Maple Shop Forum. We ask that you please abide by these rules, as they are made to ensure the productivity of the forum, and the well-being of the forum's members. If you break these rules, you will recieve a warn/infraction or a ban.


1. All Posts Must Be in English: This forum is made up of mostly English-speaking individuals. To ensure that everyone understands each other, please do your best to post only in English.

2. No Spamming: Spamming consists of and is not limited to: useless and pointless posts, off-topic and unrelated posts, and necroposting (posting in threads that are 30 days old). Also, be sure to read through a thread before posting, to be sure that someone hasn't already stated what you want to say. Forum flooding is also not allowed, so please do not create multiple topics when you can include everything in one or two threads. Finally, spamming also includes posting useless phrases such as "SWAG" and "YOLO".

3. No Flaming: Flaming includes and is not limited to: calling other members names, putting other members down, making fun of what other members do, and discriminating against other members. In short, please try to be respectful to everyone in the forum.

4. No Inappropriate Content: This includes pornagraphy, explicit language, gore, and nudity. Inappropriate Content also includes advertising without permission, and illegal content such as illegal substances, illegal activity, online private servers and pirated software.

5. No Impersonations of Other Members or Staff Members: This rule is clear, please do not pretend to be someone you are not, even if it's just a joke.

6. No Stealing: Many of our members post media that they have created themselves. Please do not steal their work and make it out as your own. You are only allowed to use other members' work if they give consent. Stealing also includes taking work from someone outside this forum, posting here, and making it out as your own work.

All of these rules apply to the chatbox as well.

All of these rules apply on top of specific rules stated in each section of the forum.

If you would like to suggest that a rule be added to this list, please use the suggestions section to do so.

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